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We are a veteran owned IT company in business since 1995 and are focused on supporting local Manufacturing Companies in Tampa area. Our Technicians answer ALL support calls live in 90 seconds or less and we resolve over 80% of problems in 12 minutes on average. Call 858-538-8985 Now!

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10 Reasons Why Manufacturing Companies Choose To Work With Just Right


Fast response. All calls are answered live by a real person so you are not lost in voice mail or in a phone tree. Don’t you hate it when you call your IT provider and have to leave a voicemail and then not know if they will even return your call or follow up? At Just Right, we don’t think that’s right. Our Support Desk will answer your call within 15 minutes guaranteed! As a matter of fact, most calls to our Support Desk are answered in less than 90 seconds.


Fast resolution. From initial call in to the Support Desk to problem resolution averages 12 minutes. Our technicians answer live. Over 80% of support requests are resolved by our Support Desk. No waiting for a technician to call you back or to be dispatched and no waiting for a technician to arrive. Saving you money with reduced downtime and less impact on productivity.


We are Truly Flat-Rate, All Inclusive IT. We do not charge labor in any form or fashion. You will not see out-of-scope labor or hourly rate charges ever! Forget tracking a technician’s hours. No project fees. No onboarding fees. There are no hidden fees or charges in our agreements. Anywhere. Would your current IT company charge or invoice you to install new equipment or to set you up if your company moved to a new location across town? We won’t. One Price. No Nickel and Diming. Ever!


We are fanatical about Cyber Security and cover all areas of security: Protection, Detection and Response, with true 24/7/365 monitoring, management and remediation by our NOC, SOC and Security Teams. Most IT companies only provide Protection elements and say they do “24/7” monitoring. Yet according to the FBI and DOD in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the average amount of time that malware is left undetected on a business network is 204 days, and the average time before a business knows their data has been breached is 408 days. We provide an extensive stack of security products with the highest zero day protection rating in the industry and have eyes on all suspicious activity to detect and respond to threats. Detection and fast response is necessary to mitigate your risk. Plus we provide $250,000 in Cyber Breach Insurance, Dark Web scans Quarterly, and Security Awareness training and tips to your staff on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. Relax. IT’s covered.


We provide Nationwide Managed IT Service, Powered by The 20. We are a nationwide group of world class Managed IT Service Providers that have come together to join forces and operate with a single service delivery model based on a proven methodology and quantifiable results, and utilize economies of scale as a group to share unified resources and buying power.


We provide a simple, secure, user verification process via ID 20/20, our unique and proprietary solution to the social engineering threat actions that have doubled since 2013. ID 20/20 is a verification tool we use to stop bad actors from gaining access to your network by creating an easy, painless, process to verify who’s actually on the other end of the line.


We have great depth in technical experience and have been in business since 1995 servicing clients all throughout Southern California and now, nationally. We have a far more mature and well-staffed Support Desk than most IT service companies, which enables us to answer our support lines LIVE by a competent technician ready to work on resolving your problem immediately.


We don’t hold your network, data or IT information hostage. We provide you with complete network and IT documentation which is updated continuously using a state of the art electronic technology documentation system. You’ll finally have all the information you are supposed to have for compliance, tracking and tax information in an online system that we provide you access to. We’ll even provide you with a hard copy of all of your documentation at least once per year and quarterly upon request.


No geek-speak and some of the friendliest, most professional techs you will ever meet and speak to. We’ll explain what’s wrong and what’s needed in plain English. Our techs will never talk down to you or make you feel stupid for asking questions or for not understanding what they’re talking about. Just happy and helpful techs that want nothing more than to help you get your problem resolved. Our Customer Satisfaction ratings average 97.6%!


We are Your IT Department. It’s like having your own IT staff, only better. We believe in Goal Alignment (uptime) and our business interests are aligned with yours. We are not paid or rewarded if you have down time like most IT companies. We take complete ownership over all IT management and assume all the risk. Your smoothly running network is the only way we are successful. We cover IT, you grow your business.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

Peace of Mind and Reliable IT Support

The single biggest benefit to Micron Machine Company since we started using Just Right as our IT Service provider is Peace of Mind when it comes to protection from security threats like viruses and keeping the computer system up and running. Their staff technical knowledge has been superb, and they have better technical capabilities than other IT companies we worked with in the past. If you are on the fence about choosing Just Right as you IT Department, I think you should try them. You will be happy you did.

Mark Conley Mark Conley President
Micron Machine Company
Poway, CA

Professional, Dedicated and A Company I Depend On

Just Right is a company that I can depend on. They are excellent in taking care of all our computer needs. When I have an issue with one of our computers, I call Just Right and they are prompt at addressing the problem and taking care of it in a short period of time. They are very professional, dedicated and are always very courteous. I highly recommend Just Right. Try them. You won’t regret it.

Toni Petruzzo Toni Petruzzo Owner
Preferred Care at Home
La Mesa, CA

Very Responsive Day or Night

The customer service help staff has been great. I have called all hours of the night and day and received quick and satisfying results. It always feels like they have your best interest in mind and are quick to respond. They have all the bases covered for IT services, so you can be confident that they will fix your problems with quality and professionalism.

Larry Westfall Larry Westfall CEO and Co-Founder
Total Gym
Westfall International, LLC
San Diego, CA

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